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Corin Schneider


About me

I am hoping to help clients who are stuck in their journeys and need guidance to get through the several struggles in life whether it is with past traumas, cultural/relationship issues, anxieties, or any other issues that are barriers to your growth. My approach involves empowering clients where I would love to have clients who are willing to work together as a team to overcome their struggles. Through working together, my hopes are that the client will be able to take control of their lives where they are able to find meaning in their experiences and be able to endure hardships. I believe we all need a helping hand at some point and deciding to get involved in therapy is a major first step that requires a lot of bravery. I am seeking clients who are willing to journey up the mountain with me and reach their highest potential with a changed perspective on how to approach their problems. Your problems do not have to define you and one of my goals with clients is to help them realize the several strengths they have available. We all have the power to positively change our lives and require different ways of getting there where I am a strong believer in putting the client in the driver seat to pursue a better life.

I have experience with coaching individuals who have a range of challenges including PTSD, addictions, work-life balance, and relationship difficulties. I have learned to appreciate how complex individuals are and how we are shaped by our several identities where I offer a curious and open mindset to help guide clients to problem-solving. Through enduring my own hardships and having experienced moving to a different country, I have been able to provide meaning to my experiences for growth and became more sensitive to several of the issues individuals face. What drove me to write a self-help book was to help people with what I have learned in my journey with the hopes that it would also help others with theirs. I do however emphasize treating every individual as unique and in my approach, I focus on respecting the client’s autonomy and agency over their own lives. I have been exposed to many different cultures and beliefs and do my best to help restore meaning to people’s lives accordingly with their worldviews. Throughout my studies I have been mainly interested in psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, humanistic therapy, and existential therapy where I am particularly a fan of Stoicism, Carl Jung, and Viktor Frankl as well as Eastern perspectives. With learning about different mental health issues, psychologies, philosophies, and religions, I am always fascinated to learn more and discover different perspectives on what can help different people have a better life.

If you feel I would be a good fit for you or anyone else you know, please do not hesitate to contact me and we will get started on your journey together. I am open to discussing whatever issues clients are experiencing and I go at a pace that is comfortable for the client. My priority is ensuring the client’s safety and that they are comfortable with the process where each step that is taken forward is one they are happy taking. Working together, we will come up with mutually identified goals that will lead you in the right direction for improving your mental wellbeing. In our journey, the end goal will be you being able to confidently venture on your own path. I offer a safe place to express thoughts, free of judgement where I am always happy to be someone available to those in need of support. In times where you feel like no one will listen to you, I am more than happy to be that person where I feel immensely rewarded at being able to help people through their problems no matter how complex. We all deserve to have a voice and be heard where my approach of respecting autonomy and providing unconditional positive regard enables clients to restore a sense of control in their lives. All of us have the power to change and it is all about taking that first step and planting that seed that will lead to unlimited growth.

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