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Scott Howcroft


About me

My name is Scott Howcroft. I have been studying psychology since I started my post-secondary education with a BSc from University of Toronto with a major in Psychology. This laid the base from working in marketing and financial sectors with a preference for employee coaching and development. The joy I have found in my previous career has always been around working and helping people, thus as a psychotherapist I have a forward-thinking approach. I strive to help my clients grow in the direction that they need too given the challenges they face. 

I work with a range of clients including those in the LGBTQ+ community, those from different cultures. Though I mostly work with individuals at the moment, I am a sex positive, poly-aware therapist and respect all relationships. If you're feeling stuck (life or career), grieving, depressed or anxious I am happy to work with you. I specialize in life transitions, relationships, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem.

I offer online sessions and leverage an eclectic approach leveraging Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused and Narrative therapeutic approaches. I adapt to the needs of the clients and will work at the pace that is comfortable for you. Though I am solution oriented, I provide an empathetic approach and work from your lens. I provide a listening ear as well I can help brainstorm and think through the paths ahead.
My in-session focus is to have my clients feel heard and validated, working from my client's perspective. Every client is unique, and I want to ensure that they feel heard and empowered to move through the struggles they may be facing in a judgement free space. It will be important to promote balance in my client’s life, but a balance that works for them, not a predetermined balance as everyone is different.
I come from a corporate and managerial background and can also offer discussions around career decisions and workplace issues. From a career perspective, I would leverage my time as a senior manager in the financial sector to also discuss career goals, fears, and next steps.

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